About LaSource

A discreet and transparent sale, directly between principals, is our priority and is what sets us apart in the high-end brokerage marketplace.


A different approach to motorcar sales & brokerage


LaSource is built upon the personal connection and passion that we all share as car enthusiasts. Established by James Banks, following many years in charge McLaren’s heritage and bespoke car programme, LaSource brings together buyers and sellers of the world’s most sought-after motorcars.

This curated collection of global individuals can operate with complete trust and transparency, each verified and – more often than not – known personally by LaSource. Buying a car you’ve always dreamed of should be as pleasant as the many years of joy you’ll get from owning it. The entire LaSource model has been built to deliver exactly that experience.

For its extensive network and intricate knowledge of the global performance car market, LaSource is already trusted by some of the most prestigious automotive brands, including Gordon Murray Automotive, Thornley Kelham, Praga Cars and Brabham Automotive.

Closed-market sales

Unlike many businesses, LaSource believes the only way to ensure a swift, honest and pleasant transaction for all parties is to conduct all closed-market sales directly between buyer and seller, or principal to principal, as we say. Only qualified LaSource members – personally known to us –  are able to access our closed-market collection of vehicles.

This approach ensures complete transparency for both buyer and seller during a sale, avoiding the many pitfalls of buying a car through a part-time broker. These brokers may not always be representing the buyer or seller directly, complicating the process, artificially inflating the price and creating a drawn out and often unpleasant experience.

LaSource’s extensive network of members ranges from established global car collectors to private individuals, generally only known to supercar manufacturers, who are starting to build car collections in earnest. Since LaSource knows most of these people personally, we’re able to create a bespoke offering and experience for each of them.

On-market sales

Although LaSource specialises in the sale of extremely rare and valuable motor cars – most of which are bought and sold off-market – we also represent a number of the world’s most exclusive hypercar manufacturers. LaSource has very quickly established a reputation amongst these manufacturers for delivering a sales experience in line with their pioneering vehicles.

Where appropriate, these brands are promoted in our public area, alongside the motorcars that can be offered for sale without the need for discretion.

Bespoke commission and restoration oversight

LaSource offers buyers the rare combination of expertise in both top-end bespoke supercar sales and engineering. Our founder spent years devising, developing and crafting customer commissions and limited editions for one of the world’s top supercar manufacturers.

As a result, LaSource is extremely well placed to assist customers in commissioning bespoke motorcars from the most established brands and the pioneering newcomers alike. Whether it is devising a simple bespoke livery, formulating a range of performance enhancements, restoring a significant motorcar or even commissioning a totally unique motorcar from the ground-up, LaSource will assist you.

Buying and Selling Advice

LaSource is available at your convenience to offer advice on the sale or purchase of any rare or valuable motor cars. Our expertise extends beyond the simple research and inspection phase, and further into intricacies such as tax management and complex vehicle logistics. We have personally overseen the purchase, sale and delivery of many sought-after vehicles to locations all over the world, and will be well placed to offer you assistance.

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LaSource operates with the utmost discretion and impeccable reputation. I would not consider buying or selling a high end car in this market without consulting the experts at LaSource. Your interests will always be properly represented by the agents there, and the results will speak for themselves.