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7 Speed Dual Clutch Auto
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4.0L V8 Twin Turbo
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The McLaren Elva

Built on the ultra-lightweight underpinnings of the McLaren Senna, the Elva sheds further weight by disposing of creature comforts such as a roof and windscreen. The result being one of the most visceral driving experiences money can buy.

A McLaren first: the Active Air Management System (AAMS), aims to improve driver comfort by using two sculpted elements to channel high-speed airflow over the cockpit for maximum comfort and control, all while generating substantial downforce for enhanced handling.

McLaren describe the Elva as “a car that needs no destination. Or racetrack. A powerful roadster supercar created to deliver nothing but the purest possible driving experience. Uncompromised pleasure. The McLaren Elva… born to heighten every sense and build the closest connection between driver, car and the elements. Impossibly light. Intoxicatingly powerful. Split-second agility.”

“The McLaren Elva pushes our daring design language forward. And proudly embraces the principles set down by Bruce McLaren’s original race conquering open top sports cars of the 1960s – the M1A, M1B and M1C. Just like our latest Ultimate Series, the original road-going ‘Elvas’ were lightweight, open-roofed, mid-engined, powerful roadsters… and single-mindedly created to deliver a driving experience of exhilarating purity.”

Powered by McLaren’s 4.0L M840TR twin-turbocharged V-8 engine, the Elva delivers 804 HP and 590 lb-ft of torque through a dual-clutch, 7-speed automatic transmission.

A difficult launch but a bright future

When initially announced, McLaren declared the model would be limited to 399 units. Demand proved to be nowhere near that level and McLaren publicly revised the planned production number to 249 units. By now the damage was done, and many collectors had switched off to the car.

Orders dripped in slowly, and in the end only 149 Elvas were built, vastly fewer than the original plan. It is our view that, had the car been announced at 149 units from day one, the car would have sold out quickly and developed a very large waiting list.

In time, as the market wakes up to just how rare this monumental car is, we expect values to raise quite sharply, similar to the McLaren F1. Afterall McLaren planned over 300 of those, and only sold 64 in the end.

McLaren Elva – Powerful Roadster & Lightest McLaren Road Car | McLaren Automotive

This motorcar

LaSource is delighted to offer for sale Chassis 108. Registered in Oman this Model Year 2021 car has covered just 329kms from new and is in perfect condition, and in factory warranty until August 2024.

It is finished in Gloss British Racing Green with an M1A livery in Atacama Yellow and Anniversary White. Emblazoned in either side is the number 9 in Pure Black within Anniversary White. The five-spoke wheels are finished in Stealth, with Atacama Yellow calipers that highlight the livery and the interior.

The seats are a mixture of Atacama Yellow with flashes of Vintage Tan stitching.

This motorcar is available to be viewed in Oman by appointment.

When the roads clear and you let loose, the sensation of speed as the Elva accelerates might be the greatest I’ve experienced in a road car. More power and less weight than the McLaren Senna combined with exposure to the elements provides a unique sensory experience.”

Andrew Frankel, Autocar Magazine



McLaren Elva

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